3-D Imaging


Adding new technology has always been at the heart of what we do at Zotogo and our newest passion is 3-D. We're combining specialized 3-D scanners with our development experience to offer custom programming of your virtual space. To create these new services Zotogo has partnered with or invested in the cutting edge manufacturers listed below.

Zotogo began its work with Matterport in 2017 and has become an authorized Matterport Service Partner in 2018.

With this camera, proprietary software and our creative development team we are producing immersive, interactive experiences for real estate, retail and digital arts.

Different tools for different jobs.  The Structure Sensor allows us to scan terrestrial objects and display them online through standard web and mobile browsers.  This is useful in retail, manufacturing and education.  And Occipital, the makers of the Structure Sensor share some history with the founder of Zotogo as both are alum of the TechStars technology incubator.

We’re using our Hero GoPro camera for many projects including live streaming our ‘Blue Jay Cam’, for our virtual walk-through video insertions and for shooting stills for our promotional animations.

For more information about these and other Zotogo services, please contact us at (478) 227-6466.