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Search-To-Phone, a start-up I founded with my good friend Sebastian Replanski, was a venture-funded, patent-pending mobile search technology and placement winner at the TechStars 2007 technology incubator.  The Denver Post wrote that Search-To-Phone, “…could revolutionize directory assistance for phone users…

Apart from the tremendous amount of technical work required to get this project off the ground, there were marketing and fundraising issues that were just as challenging.  We worked through every detail of this unique and complex concept, acquired the appropriate legal and intellectual property protection and, in 2008, successfully launched a first-in-class telephony product.

A great success!

Project info

Open VBX back-end / pHp front-end for online UI, VoiceXML programming audio front-end, local data API integration, multiple CMS web sites, graphics, marketing, online interactive presentations and voiceovers