It's pronounced "zoh-too-goh"

it's easier to say 'we do it all'

Virtual & 3-D

Zotogo’s newest collaboration using Matterport cameras and the Occipital structure sensor to bring 3D to life on the web.

Web Development

More than just coding your new web site, Zotogo will help you develop your online presence to appeal to your target demographic.

Mobile Apps

Our mobile applications have revolutionized the telephony industry, garnered great reviews and attracted venture capital.


Microsoft called a Zotogo presentation, “One of the most memorable demos…” Discover how we can make *your* messages shine!

Since 1997…

Zotogo has specialized in creating unique web sites and mobile applications.  We’ve successfully promoted our projects with simple and succinct presentations each tailored for the purposes of public relations, marketing or to attract venture investment.

Interesting tidbits about Carmin Turco and his company, Zotogo:

• Over 20 years of entrepreneurial, web design and development experience
• Creator of Search-To-Phone, venture-funded, patent-pending mobile technology
• Placement Winner TechStars technology incubator (
• Created and presented “one of the most memorable demos” ~ Microsoft Corp.
• Experienced fundraiser, having closed several rounds of venture financing
• Successfully deployed hundreds of innovative web sites, marketing and mobile apps
• Professional and confdent public speaker
• Former professional musician named ‘Songwriter of the Year’ by Sennheiser USA

Current Project Load

Web Development60%

Virtual & 3-D25%

Mobile Apps10%